General Questions

Where do I mail completed forms?
All completed forms must be mailed to the address specified on the form and addressed to the corresponding department. (Please see the drop down menu of your form for further directions).

Can I pay premium online through my bank?
Visit your bank's website to learn details on setting up electronic bill paying. Please include your policy number, including leading zeros, when setting up electronic payments.

Will I receive a confirmation when my premium payment has been processed?
Your canceled check is your receipt.

Life Insurance Policy Change Form Questions

How long will it take for my policy change request to be processed?
Your policy change request will generally be processed within 15 business days after your request has been received.

How do I request a duplicate policy?
You must submit a written request to NBL before a duplicate policy will be processed.

If the current owner is deceased who should sign the Change Form?
If the current owner dies, the new owner will be specified in the policy contract. If the new owner is an estate, the executor or administrator must sign. Please attach a copy of the current owner's death certificate, and if applicable a letter testamentary issued by a probate court or if there is no estate, an affidavit of Small Estate Form.

Life Insurance Claims Form Questions

How do I report a claim?
Simply call us to make the initial report of your claim. We will initiate your claim and talk you through the process.

Does the claim form have to be witnessed?
Anyone can witness the death claim form except a beneficiary.

If there is more than one beneficiary do I print out more than one claim form and provide information for each beneficiary separately?
Each beneficiary must complete a separate death claim form.

Is an original death certificate required for the processing of a claim?
All original documents, including a certified copy of the death certificate, a completed claim form and the original policy contract are required to process your claim.

How long after I submit a claim will I receive the proceeds?
Claims are processed on a case-by-case basis. Once all documents are received and reviewed, a determination will be made.

At what point does NBL consider a person to be totally disabled?
"Total disability" is defined in the policy contract.