National Benefit Life

Life and Health Insurance FAQs

Whatever service question you have, one of the helpful Customer Service Representatives can find the answer. Here are just a few of the most common queries clients have.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  Q - Where do I mail completed forms?
  Q - Can I pay premium online through my bank?
  Q - Will I receive a confirmation when my premium payment has been processed?

Life Insurance Policy Change Form Questions

  Q - How long will it take for my policy change request to be processed?
  Q - How do I request a duplicate policy?
  Q - If the current owner is deceased who should sign the Change Form?

Life Insurance Claims Form Questions

  Q - How do I report a claim?
  Q - Does the claim form have to be witnessed?
  Q - If there is more than one beneficiary do I print out more than one claim form and
        provide information for each beneficiary separately?

  Q - Is an original death certificate required for the processing of a claim?
  Q - How long after I submit a claim will I receive the proceeds?
  Q - At what point does NBL consider a person to be totally disabled?